locked Re: Proposal: All groups must be moderated or new user moderated


On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 6:58 AM, Jeff Powell <jrpstonecarver@...> wrote:

That said, we are a restricted group. Users have to prove they are human to get in, which helps with the spam issue a lot.

So, are we really talking about making all groups be Moderated or NuM? I hope I've just misunderstood the terminology involved.

For the record, I have no issue with not allowing Open groups as defined above. In the modern internet they aren't much better - and possibly much worse than - the comment sections at any news site. Getting rid of that option is just fine in my mind. But let's not throw out un-moderated groups as well. That's not a good idea.

You make a good point. How about I modify the proposal: All (parent) groups must either be restricted or set to moderated or NuM (or some combination thereof). In each case there's at least one approval step before a member can post.


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