locked Re: Proposal: All groups must be moderated or new user moderated


On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 08:51 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
So I propose to make it so that all groups must be either moderated or have new users be moderated.  I have not yet thought through whether this should apply to sub-groups as well. But I wanted to get everyone's take on this proposal first. Is there a good reason to allow open groups at all?

 Hi Mark,

My preference would be to allow group moderators to choose to leave their group unmoderated if that is what they want to do. I am a current owner/moderator of several groups here, all of which are currently unmoderated. Two of my groups were hit by a couple of spam messages yesterday, but deleting these messages this morning was not difficult. My experience managing groups on other platforms (Yahoo and Facebook) is that an open group is good for startup and encouragement of timely discussion. I have a fairly large community of participants on Yahoo and Facebook that much prefer open posting privileges and are willing to overlook the occasional spammer as long as spammers are dealt with swiftly.


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