locked Re: Proposal: All groups must be moderated or new user moderated

christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

There is really, general chat forums for example should not need moderating by default.

On 5 Oct 2016, at 04:51, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:

Hi All,

One of the things I'm seeing with the spammer is that they'll subscribe to an existing group and post their spam. If a group is moderated or has NuM set, the group members never see the spam and it's not a problem (and no incentive for the spammer to continue). But for open groups, it's not a good experience for anyone involved. So I propose to make it so that all groups must be either moderated or have new users be moderated. I have not yet thought through whether this should apply to sub-groups as well. But I wanted to get everyone's take on this proposal first. Is there a good reason to allow open groups at all?


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