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On 04/10/2016 17:18, David P. Dillard wrote:

Hence one new list per week per owner would be adequate as a means of really good control
The issue I see with one list per week, is when creating groups for
similar, but related things.

By way of example:
* Software-program-users: General list, for all users;
* Software-program-developers: List where developers discuss things;
* Software-program-a11y: List discussing a11y requirements, and more
importantly, solutions;
* Software-program-L10n: List discussing localazation and
internationalization issues;
* Software-program-Linux: List specifically for Linux issues/users;
* Software-program-iOS: List specifically for iPhone/iPad/iPod issues/users;
* Software-program-Windows: List specifically for Windows issues/users;
* Software-program-Android: List specifically for Android issues/users;
* Software-program-MacOS-X: List specifically for Mac OS X issues/users;
* Software-program-BSD: List specifically for BSD issues/users;

Or, for organizations:

* Organization-PR: News releases and other positive things about the
* Organization-BOD: List for the Board of Directors;
* Organization-Stakeholders: List for all stakeholders of the organization;
* Organization-Finance: List discussing the financial affairs of the
* Organization-Committee1: List for the first committee of the organization;

On the flipside, lists of that type are probably going to have a
sponsoring organization, and as such the owner would probably fall into
either _Groups.IO Premium_, or more likely _Groups.Io Enterprise_.

Maybe include "instant", on-demand list creation as _Groups.Io
Enterprise_ feature.


In these examples, I am ignoring HIPPA, S-Ox, and similar legislation,
where email data can't be made public.


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