locked Re: Problem with content outside of the 'charset' #bug


Hi David,

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 5:33 PM, David Andrews <jdabud@...> wrote:

The good news is that the content of the message is displayed much better than it would have been by Yahoo!Groups. Thank you! But the special characters don't show up correctly in the message listing.

I assume you're referring to the topic summary, the line displayed in the Topics view under each topic subject? For that line, we want plain text, because any sort of HTML formatting would screw up the display. So, we first look for a plain text part of the email, which most emails have. If we find one, we just pull out the summary from that. If there is no plain text part, we use the HTML part and strip it of formatting before we pull the summary out.

With your email, it does have a plain text part, but if you look at it, live.com screwed up the characters, and subbed in a bunch of question marks. We dutifully pull those out for the summary line. So, not our fault. But it does have me wondering if we should always just use the HTML part of the message if there is one.


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