locked Re: Temporarily disabled group creation

christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>


How about some kind of challenge like a captcha but instead of typing characters in an image or numbers in an audio file ask questions only we humans know the answer to and not both humans and bots. A good example is a masths question.

On 28 Sep 2016, at 17:51, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:

Hi All,

I just temporarily disabled new group creation (you can still create subgroups). I did this because there's at least one persistent spammer creating new spam groups faster than I can delete them. You can look at the newest groups list right now to see a bit of the cesspool.

I need to clean out all the spam groups and put in place a system to prevent new ones. I'm thinking something like I need to approve a group before it appears in the search directory. Other suggestions are appreciated.


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