locked Site Updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week (today was mostly spent in bed with a bad cold):

  • BUGFIX: Image alignment in the wiki wasn't working.
  • BUGFIX: digest and nomail flags were being ignored with direct adds.
  • BUGFIX: Font size and text alignment weren't working in the wiki.
  • BUGFIX: Escape Trello card descriptions because they may have tags in them.
  • BUGFIX: Pagination in group search was broken.
  • BUGFIX: More intelligent about generating plain text parts of HTML messages, for plain text digests mainly.
  • NEW: Wiki images.
  • BUGFIX: Editing a pending message that had attachments resulted in a blank page.
  • BUGFIX: The icon we were using for empty photo albums was a little larger than the photos used for other albums. Adjusted.
  • BUGFIX: Editing an existing link in the HTML editor, the Insert Link button would be disabled inappropriately.
  • CHANGE: In the +help text, if the group is an announcement group, don't say members can post.
  • BUGFIX: Repeated 'groups.io' on From line in new topic page.

Have a good weekend everybody. Zzzzz.


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