locked Re: [owlperch] To Duane, Matthew, Shal & Tyger

Nightowl >8#

EDIT: ACK! It happened again! I somehow replied in here... again... in Beta. (sigh).  Maybe the info I posted about headers will help solve the mystery.

Shal, Mark, help???

Shal wrote:>>I replied to your post, sending it to owlperch only I thought. But I received it back from both owlperch and beta. As apparently did you, and unfortunately you replied to the copy from beta. I'm leaving this reply in beta, as explanation and apology to the members of beta.<<

I only replied to the one posted in Owlperch. I didn't know there was another one in Beta.

I didn't get two copies, just one, which was another reason I was confused. I didn't even know what was going on until I saw the message number was so high after I replied. But in my Mail account box I only have one message for each posting, with this header:
From: Shal (name and e-mail)
Subject: [Beta] Re: [Owlperch]
Reply To: Beta @ groups.io
To: Owlperch @ groups.io

Maybe that will help Mark or you figure out what happened.
(I included spaces to make it not a real link for e-mails)

I also apologize to the members of Beta. Owlperch is a publicly viewable group, but it's mostly for my team and I to discuss both the Crusade and groups.io. I have no idea how the post I replied to on my actual Owlperch website got into Beta. I was not using e-mail.

Hopefully Mark can help us figure out why and how it happened.

Meanwhile, I agree with Shal. It's time for this Owl to go to bed.


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