locked Lightweight "integrations" - link only #suggestion



There are some external services that a group owner might want to make a part of their group which don't require an API, or anything more than a link to the service, because their purpose isn't to feed messages to the group.

An example might be a wiki on PBworks, for a group that wants a public accessible Wiki. Or a Dropbox folder. Or Flickr guest pass to a private photoset (aka Album).

Yes, such links could be added to the home page Website or description, or to the (future) Links feature or Wiki. But there may be a few which, in the opinion of the owner, deserve the first-class privilege of placement in the left-hand column list of group features.

The icon for such integrations could be some kind of stylized page and arrow that signifies going "off-site" (an idea shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia).

-- Shal

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