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6g. Re: [beta] New Subscription Options
From: Frances <travel@tansymews.ca>

By workaround, I mean that Groups.io is not designed to feature posts on each groups home page.
makes sense. featuring posts would be limited to public groups

When you go to your group, you see this:
https://groups.io/org/groupsio/beta <https://groups.io/org/groupsio/beta>

No actual posts are shown, just the top posters, the top hashtags, and the message history.
Can we opt out of those top-thingies? Discussing is not a contest, and neither a subject nor a poster is "more important" because of more prolific messages

However, I now see that Mark has put in a link to the archive (In box)
I agree with those who prefer the term "messages" to "archive".Please do NOT call it "conversations"

In the archive/messages I would prefer a chronological order, not newest on top.

As to the term "inbox".... I sincerely hope that is reserved for what I see in my email-account, and not used for anything on a iogroups-website

groetjes, Ronaldo

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