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I agree with Maria about the level playing field for the directory. Great idea. But how are you going to accomplish that? What's to prevent someone from going visible, having a quick peek, and then going invisible again?

For Mike's comment, members can make their profiles invisible to moderators in current system, right *now*, by simply not having a profile namez Not saying that's a good thing and probably should be eliminated. Just pointing it out again.

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On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 04:28 am, Mike Fay wrote:
And we would never allow anyone in our group with a hidden main profile - to me that is an invitation to let in lurkers.

Agree, in the sense that while they may elect to not have a profile - they are required to have a display name... but I do think that the member directory should be a level playing field and if you can see it, then you either are participating in it or have very limited access to it and can't "use it".



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