locked Re: Profiles



One thing I'm not that happy with is the concept for the members list.
If I understand correctly, it would consist only of profile names of
members who make their profile viewable by group members. In a group of
a thousand people, that might be 1,000, 500, 10, or none of them. ... It
would have to be made clear to members viewing the list that it's just
that subset of members who made their profiles viewable.
Perhaps the list could always include an entry for yourself (the member viewing the list).

If you've not made your profile visible to other members your row could say "(you)" where the display name goes and "Click here to allow other members to see you in this list" where the rest of the row content would be. That latter would be a link to the profile tab of that member's group subscription.

There could also be a row "(968 others)" representing those who've not made their profile viewable to group members. It could say "Profile withheld" or something like that.


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