locked Re: [owlperch] To Duane, Matthew, Shal & Tyger

Nightowl >8#

Shal wrote:>>'m not them, but I think it is always permissible to bring your own documents (those that you created) to another site. Whether it is "doable" in the sense of "easy to accomplish" may be another matter entirely...<<

You can always weigh in on something I direct to others. :) Okay, so as long as we know it's not against Yahoo's TOS, we can do that. Duane and Matthew can probably figure out how. Thanks.

Shal wrote:>>I'll have to try it and see. I can copy the formatted text or the HTML code out of PBworks' wikis, but I haven't done much yet with Groups.io's wikis. It looks like one can only see the formatted text, but that may ok if that will paste sensibly into Wordpress or Neo.<<

Okay, next question on that, does Mark allow us to copy and transport data from a Wiki here to somewhere else? If so, that would be great, if we could get it maintained both here and the blog or group.

Shal wrote:>>Still haven't found the time to fold Duane's (updated) file into the Feature Comparison page Tyger put up at MMsanctuary. Been busy, and its looking like my weekend is going to be slammed too.<<

Believe me, I get it. I feel some nights like I just want to flop into bed and not move, but there's too much to get done before I can. Or if I don't do some things, I feel horribly guilty. I'm struggling to get a balance between myself/John, Parents, and Other. That's why I asked for feedback about how people feel because I can't be monitoring all of this all the time like I used to.

It's not any sort of rush, just wondering if we can do it. See, the main thing to do in MM is explain this to them, both in present feature mode, and future features mode.

Thanks Shal,


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