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This depends entirely on what email system is being used. I use Pegasus Mail on
my desktop machine. It just has one "Reply" button, but when I click that
button it always brings up a list of checkbox options, from which I can select
any or all. The options offered for this purpose are:
'From' field
'Reply-to' field
'Cc' field
'To' field
'Sender' field

Obviously there could be some duplication if I was silly enough to select all
those options.

This gives me total flexibility, and is in no way dependent on any group
settings - these will only affect the 'Reply-to' field, but not the others. So,
persuade your members with the problem to switch to using Pegasus and the
problem will disappear.

Incidentally, I always send and read messages in plain text.

Jim Fisher

On 9 Sep 2016 at 19:18, Jeff Powell wrote:

On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm, J_catlady wrote:
On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 09:53 pm, Jeff Powell wrote:
edit their TO lines when they want to direct a message back to just the OP,
rather than the entire group. As things stand, we can't do that here on

It seems what you want is for your members to be able to reply to the individual
*rather* than to the group, via email - since you say "just to the OP." We can
do that on Groups.io via the web, using the "Private" button.

But this was my question before, which I posed to Shal: is there really no way
here to "reply to individual" via email? Perhaps I didn't understand the answer.
In any case, that seems to be a lack, regardless of the "both" setting Jeff is
suggesting. And if that lack is fixed (assuming it exists), then is there still
a need for the "both" setting?

 As far as I can tell you, no, there is no way to reply to just the sender via

And please note that email has a zillion standards that are supposed to be
followed (more or less) by the various email programs. You can't add a button to
an email - at least, not a plain text email - to allow someone to reply
differently. But even if you did, that won't change the behavior of the reply
and reply-all functions provided by the email software. Those read certain
headers in the message to determine what "Reply" means, so if you want to change
what those headers say, that has to be a group configuration setting, and that
is what we're talking about here. Giving groups the option to change the content
of the Reply-To header to have a third option: Group, Sender, Both.

I wish it was simpler, but it really isn't. Mark can't change the way gmail, and
MS live mail (or whatever they are calling it this week), and Yahoo mail, and
Apple mail, and a zillion other programs work. All he can do is change the
headers that get sent with messages, and let those programs do what they will
with the results.

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