locked Re: Replying to messages



I thought about having it automatically scroll a bit up to make sure the
reply box is in view, which I can do, but I'm not sure that's best.
I think scrolling it just enough to ensure that the screen changed somewhat would be helpful. Understanding that there's a danger of annoying the user by scrolling things they want to see off the other end, you wouldn't want to go too far with this.

Reason: early on there was a problem with Yahoo Neo where if a menu button was at the bottom of the screen the menu would open entirely off-screen. So the visual appearance was that the button had no effect whatsoever. Unless one happened to think of scrolling down. And just to double-down on the problem, the natural scrolling behavior as one moved from message to message put the row of action buttons for the next message right at the bottom of the screen. I wouldn't want the Reply to exhibit a similar usability fail.

-- Shal

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