locked Site Updates #changelog


The main focus this week (and last week), were the changes needed to support the Enterprise verison (aka your own domain). It's almost complete.

Other changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Switched internal DNS resolution to use our own resolver instead of using Linode's resolver, to fix some issues.
  • CHANGE: Don't display Subgroups sidebar option when there are no subgroups.
  • NEW: When a member is added or joins a subgroup, the name on their parent subscription is used on the subgroup subscription.
  • BUGFIX: We weren't restoring signatures after a leave/resub cycle.
  • INTERNAL: Changed text extraction code to use the server version of Apache Tika, to speed up processing.
  • CHANGE: Process FBL requests from hotmail.com
  • INTERNAL: More logging to try to track down database code lock issue.
  • INTERNAL: Made some database queries more efficient.
  • BUGFIX: Lock issue with Slack sync utility.
  • CHANGE: Using ImageMagick's identify for image dimensions/exif extraction, because it recognizes more image formats and is faster.
  • BUGFIX: Short dates sometimes weren't being displayed correctly.

I will be off until Tuesday. Have a good weekend everybody!


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