locked Re: FBL turned on for aol.com members


I just an AOL member who tried to log on last night and was told she's not a member. She turned up as "pending" in the members list, looking like she'd submitted a new application for membership, which I then had to approve. I got the "pending member" notice but she never got anything (or says she didn't - I contacted her to ask why she'd submitted a new membership application, since I didn't remember her leaving the group and found no such action in the log). Only later did I realize she's using an AOL email address and may have been the victim of the automatic removal. However, she also has a gmail address, and there's a slight possibility she'd tried to log on using the wrong address. I don't know, so I didn't bother reporting this. I'm going to wait and see if this happens to any other AOL members. I'm mentioning it now only because it seems to have come again here.

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