locked Applying names to members in the main group- carryover to subgroups.

Mike Fay <mikefay8888@...>

We recently transferred a dozen or so yahoo groups to one main .io group, and then also to a dozen sub-groups corresponding to the original 

yahoo groups. I've been spending some times applying names to all the members- through the members tab under admin on the main group.

I was surprised to find that the names I applied did not carryover to the subscriber when you view the members list in any sub-group that they are a part of.

That seems strange to me but maybe it is intentional, or maybe it is a bug. Assuming it is intentional, do any of the rest of you who use subgroups have

any reason why you would not want subscribers names applied to an e-mail address in the main group to also carry over to any subgroups of which that

subscriber is a part ?

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