locked Re: Status update request (1) Multiple profiles; (2) Anonymous groups


Hi Jennifer,

Apologies for the delay in the reply. I've been super heads down on getting the enterprise stuff done (i.e. being able to use your own domain for your group). I hope to have that limping along this week. Some version of multiple profiles will happen after that, in limited form. Then I'll look at anonymous groups. So, September still, hopefully, but not early.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Jennifer Christian <jhchristian@...> wrote:

Hi, all -

Has there been any substantial development progress made or a revised forecast for availability of these two items: 

(1) Multiple profiles, so users can vary the facts they reveal about them to groups focused on various topics

(2) Anonymous groups?

Again, my understanding of the anonymous groups are that:

  • At the time of group set-up, owner selects an option to keep all members identities' private when the group is set up --it is NOT at the member's option.
  • No direct reply member to member is possible -- ALL replies go to the group as a whole (or to the moderators/owners).  
  • There is substitution or masking of members' entire email address in the "sent" field, message header, etc. 
  • The moderators will be responsible for assuring there is no ID data in the message text itself.

Mark had originally predicted that this functionality would be ready for testing in early September.  Wondering whether it has gotten onto a back burner given all the other development work in the interim.  Our own projects in this arena are on a back burner, waiting.


Jennifer Christian

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