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Hi, i'm new to the groups.io
Dont know if this is even what you're talking about, but yahoogroups continues to not allow me to post from Google mail through my Mac IMail. It will if I do it on my IPod. Its strange. Anyway. just pointing it out thats all. 

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On Aug 25, 2016, at 7:44 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Hi All,

Around 3am pacific this morning, Yahoo Mail started deferring email from us. According to their website, the deferral should last around 4 hours, and indeed it does look like they're starting to accept email from us again. No messages should be lost, just delayed.

I have no insight into why they did this. But I have just turned on FBL processing again for the yahoo.com, att.net and sbcglobal.net domains (in addition to the already resumed aol.com).


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