locked Re: keep history available for members who left #suggestion


I'm having a lot of trouble finding apparently correct results in a member activity search after a member leaves the group. A member left yesterday and all that appears in the history is the action of leaving. Also, when I search on a member name (after the member has left), it returns different results from when I search on the email address. The email address also appears to work (in some cases) only if the "@gmail.com" part is left out of the search term. I could go on and on with the seeming anomalies and seemingly incorrect or weird results. I don't even remember them all but can go back in and find details and report them to support as bugs. I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Bottom line, I'm finding the member activity search after a member leaves extremely flakey and unpredictable, and therefore it would really be helpful for this to be facilitated as proposed above by Mark and Shal. 

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