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Judy F.

Mark, I hate to keep referring to Yahoo Groups, but since that’s my only example…….. Maybe we are talking about two different things. 


I view all of my messages in Outlook, but I click the ‘reply via web post’ option at the bottom of the message and actually reply on the group.  When I click Reply, I have the option to show history and I delete everything except the most recent message (to this specific message).  It allows me to reply at the top so when someone reads my reply, they see it first and don’t have to hunt for it further down in the message. 


Since on the beta group, I am replying directly from Outlook, my reply is always at the top.  Note I have Outlook set to reply at the top.  I’m sure you are wondering why I do it one way in Yahoo and another here.  The reason I do is because I don’t have the options at the bottom of each message here in groups.io that I do in Yahoo Groups. 


Also while I’m thinking about it, at some point will we have a cc and a bcc option in messages?  Also, would like to have an option to reply to sender only and not have it go to the group. 






Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 10:03 PM, J. Faulkner <jfaulkner44@...> wrote:


Also, I always want my replies to be at the top of the message.  If there are numerous replies, it gets confusing where the latest reply is if it’s at the bottom.. 


Are you referring to viewing a message thread, where the newer messages are at the bottom? You can re-sort it so that the newest messages are at the top, but clicking the little 1->9 arrow next to 'Date' in the top right of the page. Unfortunately, you'll have to do that for every thread right now, but it's on the todo list to have it remember your setting.



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