locked Re: FBL turned on for aol.com members



I don't know what the upshot is here, and what we should do in general
regarding our AOL members. ...
This may not relate directly to delivery problems experienced by specific group members, but automatically unsubscribing those who mark a message from your group as spam might improve deliverability to all other members using that service.

That at least is the hope: less trouble overall for users of AOL and like-minded services.

The specific members unsubscribed by this mechanism may come back to you looking for answers. I'm not sure what help you can give them, particularly if they don't think they've marked any group messages as spam.

Since this incident (and similar ones) I have started to advise my group
members not to use an AOL address for Groups.io groups.
One upside(?) is that the affected members may come to that conclusion on their own if they are repeatedly unsubscribed by this mechanism. The flip side of that is that they may hold it against Groups.io as well or instead.


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