locked Re: keep history available for members who left #suggestion



Is there anything else you're looking for?
I was thinking in terms of retaining a static copy of their Subscription page.

That would be particularly of interest if there are any entries in their Activity History which are not also present in the group's logs. I hope there aren't any, but for all the same reasons you provide this per-member log it could be convenient to see it for former members.

Access to the former member's Email Delivery History might also be useful, especially in the case where they were unsubscribed automatically due to expiration of the bounce mechanism. Or maybe by operation of the FBL.

Access to their +owner Messages and Notes might also be of interest. For example, in discussing with other moderators why this member was removed or banned.

Which naturally leads to the idea of keeping a list of Former Members, adding to our collection of Members, Bouncing, Banned, and Pending.


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