locked Re: Separate Admin Menu options from member menu options #suggestion


I think it's too much of a burden to place on group owners to have to do two clicks for everything they need to do as admins. The first thing I normally do when going into my group is to check on the activity log. That now takes two clicks. Others may do other things first. Anything now under "Admin" that a good number of moderators do first thing on going into their groups is going to be a headache unless you make the "Admin" grouping an option or get rid of it altogether. What about simply putting "Admin" as a format-only difference - place it below all the regular functions in bigger letters, perhaps slightly left-indented, to set those functions off as a group?

I am just as opposed as ever to cosmetic changes that lessen actual usability. That's now the case with so many of the unnecessary (IMO) menu groupings that currently exist as hierarchies and that would actually make life simpler (if not the looks less cluttered) if they were eliminated entirely.


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