locked Message Numbers #suggestion

Nightowl >8#

Okay, I'm absolutely thrilled with the Message Numbers, just have a few questions or suggestions.

First, I'm just as confused as Johnf is about the difference in the total number of posts and post #'s. I realize that it is probably because some posts have been deleted, but is there a way for the programming to keep the total what it would have been before they were deleted? If not, I can live with it, just wondered.

Second, is there a way to put somewhere with the post #, the total number of posts? It would be nice to know when I'm reading Post 1025 if there are 5 more to read or 50.

Third, I don't know if this was explained clearly enough when I first tried it, so I'll try it again. Is there a way to shift message #'s to be read smallest to largest even if it's flipped on a page? In other words, be able to change the direction the numbers go, but NOT be jumped to the beginning or the end. That would be awesome if it could be done.

Fourth, Is there a way to use RSS with this group?

And last but not least. Is there a way that we can mark posts "read" or not on the website, or that they could be a different color once we read them on the website, so that when we come back to the website, we know exactly where we left off to read next? I don't mind writing the number with a pencil on a pad, but I know others will.


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