locked Re: How does one follow a topic or hashtag?

Judy F.

Brenda, if I recall, Yahoo Groups Neo was like that in the beginning.  They then added Sort and View preferences and also Navigation Preferences.  This sure made it a lot easier for those of us that always looked at one specific thing.  In my case, Photos Album View, Messages not Topics, etc. 


Maybe Mark can come up with something similar to what I have provided above. 


Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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Duane wrote:>>Like Brenda, I prefer to use the web site and go to each group to see the archives.  I think she may be confused about the reference to the Inbox though.  Mark was referring to "the 'Inbox' view on the Groups.io website" which you see at https://groups.io/ once you're signed in.  I've started using it to see where there's been any activity, but still go to each group to read the posts.<<

I am definitely confused about the inbox. I don't even want to use it. I set bookmarks for my groups, and I want to be able to go right to the group itself and be at the archives. Problem is, when I sign in, I am taken right to the Inbox where I don't want to be. So then I have to choose one to get back to the group.

Is it possible to sign in on any group archive page and stay on that page, or will I always be thrown out of the group to the Inbox? Or, is it possible to have a "sign in" page where I can sign in and then choose a group so I'm not thrown out of it right after signing in?







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