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Mark, They do not linkify for me either, from either safari or Firefox. The link appears in emails but not on the web unless I specifically use the link button.

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Our group uses lots of links and we are having much trouble with membership not being able to figure out how to add an active link.  Many posted links look like this:

You're referring to posting on the website, where typing in something that looks like a URL automatically linkifies it? I tried to get it to not linkify something and couldn't reproduce the problem. What browser are you using? What's the best way to reproduce this?

However, that is a slow process and even when they have a blue active link in their messages, it sometimes it still doesn't post as active.  Mark in a recent support email you said it might be because members are cutting and pasting from a document or email on a Windows machine. Moderators often do that often as there is such a large amount of often repeated information when new members start posting.  We actually have about three mods whose sole job is to "greet" new members and give them guidance to get started helping their horses.  Is there a better way around doing posting long "form" type messages?  Would copying from a wiki page be better or would that be just as bad because it is still being copied on a PC? 

A problem that I believe some people see is that they copy and paste from a word doc or an Outlook message. What they're copying includes a link. But what is pasted does not contain a link, instead it contains a blue, underlined piece of text. I'm not sure what the best way to fix this is yet.

1. Is there a way to stop a message from being posted when someone hits "enter" when adding a hyper text link to a message?  If we tell the membership how to make hypertext links, we will likely be overwhelmed with incomplete messages. 

Definitely bad behavior and it's fixed now. 

2. Also, Is it possible to not have the text to be linked to auto displayed(?) in the To what URL should this link go field?

I've changed it so that the URL field is blank now.



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