locked Re: Change presentation for Subgroups #suggestion



My main concern is making sure that a newbie can easily see which
sub-groups are offered and then apply to join those that are relevant.
... When you have many sub-groups, listing them on the homepage is not
efficient and also not attractive as it makes that homepage drag on too
Understood, and I agree.

I'm not sure I would go as far as Brian's sample screen shot, which looks to me like having the subgroups listed at the top of the Topics View page, but having them be more discoverable and convenient than just on the Home page seems like a good idea to me.

Especially if the homepage isn't really the landing spot because we go
straight to messages.
Perhaps, in groups which have sub-groups, the proposed new Subgroup page ought to be the landing spot for members, especially if it includes information about new content in the primary and each subgroup.

Perhaps a kind of hybrid of the Your Groups list and the All Messages page (via the Groups.io logo), but containing only info pertaining to the primary group in question and its subgroups.


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