locked Re: Change presentation for Subgroups #suggestion



I am envisioning a sub-group menu item that is more of a "subgroup
directory/listing" not a place to do admin work as the current subgroup
menu item for mods/owners is.

I was addressing what I think would be Mark's same question (#10632): how do mods/owners see the members' version if it has the same name as the existing Subgroups button.

One answer is to do nothing: mods/owners see only the admin version and must log out and log in as a member to see the member version. Another answer is to add yet another item on the sidebar (as seen by mods/owners), and figure out what to call it.

My suggestion supposes that mods/owners would relatively seldom want to see the members' version, so using a generic mechanism (View group as Member) would solve both issues (Members list and Subgroups list) and might have broader utility. My suggestion is really a variation on the "do nothing" answer, but a little more convenient for the moderator than having a second group subscription (as a member) and switching between them.


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