locked Re: Change presentation for Subgroups #suggestion



I'd love to see a "subgroups" menu item in the main group, rather than
only having the subgroups listed on the home page of the group.
This would be another case where group mods/owners (for whom there is already a Subgroups item in the left column) would see something substantially different than what a plain member sees. As with the Members list idea, this could be overcome with a "View As Member" control for the mods/owners.

This would bring main group members to a list of all available subgroups
with descriptions and info for each one.
As Brian mentioned there may be subgroups that ought not be listed there (or on the home page). To this end each subgroup has a Privacy setting that controls whether or not it is listed in the parent group.

Each subgroup also has a "Restricted" checkbox that controls whether parent group members need approval to join, but it looks like the only way to outright prevent the parent group members from applying would be to set the Privacy control so that they don't see the subgroup at all.

In my PTA group, for example, we have a "board" subgroup which I want the general membership (primary group) to know about but not be able to join. Right now I handle this by making the board subgroup Restricted, and resolve to not approve anyone who isn't elected or appointed to the board (no one has tried that yet).

In that particular case I would like the primary group members to be able to post to the board, but not read the board's messages. At the moment there's no way to do precisely that: I've set the board group to allow Non-Subscribers to Post, but that is too general - there's no option for parent group members only. Fortunately the Privacy option does have a "Listed in parent group, archives viewable by subgroup members only" selection, so that's most of what I need.


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