locked Re: Member Profile Directory Option for Subgroups (not member list) #suggestion


On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 9:05 AM, HR Tech via Groups.io <m.conway11@...> wrote:

I just wanted to make this suggestion again. It would be really useful in some of our groups.

A member directory that would show in a grid/list format a member's public profile ( for those who elect to have one).

This way with one click you could see a grid/list with pictures and names from the public profile members have already set up for those in your group.

I was thinking about this recently and agree it'd be a good thing to have. Right now, there's a 'Members Visible' setting. My first thought would be that this new member list would show up in the case where Members Visible is set to Subscribers, and would just replace what non-moderators/owners would see, which right now is the table view of members. This has the advantage of not requiring a new sidebar option and group setting. The disadvantage is that moderators/owners would never see this view.



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