locked Member Profile Directory Option for Subgroups (not member list) #suggestion


I just wanted to make this suggestion again. It would be really useful in some of our groups.

A member directory that would show in a grid/list format a member's public profile ( for those who elect to have one).

This way with one click you could see a grid/list with pictures and names from the public profile members have already set up for those in your group.

It wouldn't list their email address - so it wouldn't interfere with that owner setting to keep the member list visible only to owners and mods. but would enable those who select to have a profile picture / profile to be listed in the directory of their group.

We would only use this in face to face small committee subgroups but it would be ever so useful.

Also - we'd love if the info included in one's profile could be customized for sub-groups. This way people can include relevant info that may be relevant only within that sub-group and that they may not be comfortable sharing publicly across groups.io or their larger group.

Thank you!


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