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On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 10:18 am, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Or if you have suggestions for how to word things, that would also be appreciated.


I think the current language makes it sound like GMF and Group_Help are *the official* Groups.io help forums. Whereas in fact, both technically/officially/commercially has nothing to do with Groups.io. 

"For general Groups.io questions, please see the Group Managers Forum and the Group_Help group"

They are placed in the same paragraph, and on a same plane, with pointers to support and Trello, which *are* official Groups.io entities. As a new user, I would assume they are just as official as support and your Trello page. So I find this misleading.

As a current and up-to-date user, I still find it distressing that they're put on the same plane here. I've always objected to the fact that GMF is completely moderated (Shal knows this, because we've discussed it - I think he's said he's considered switching to using NuM?). I avoid the group because of that. It's fortunate that I usually keep up-to-date enough not to have to ask questions there, and generally only answer questions by others. But I am distressed by now being told by Groups.io officially that general questions should be addressed to these outside groups, with you (i.e., Groups.io itself) not having control over them - or even keeping up to date on the archives, as you just mentioned. Would you yourself, for example, keep that group completely moderated if it were owned by Groups.io?

For suggested language, I would add anything making it absolutely clear that those help groups are not run by Groups.io. I'd have to think about it. Perhaps something like, "..please see the volunteer-run groups GMF and Group_Help. (Note: these groups are volunteer-led and not officially run by Groups.io").


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