locked Re: Threads -> Topics?

Nightowl >8#

Brian Vogel wrote:>>I actually disagree that "Topic" is clearer.  As has already been mentioned, what has been called "thread drift" almost forever now happens when topics can and do switch and branch within a thread.<<

I agree with you here. Thread refers to the way the messages are displayed, and yes, there can be more than one topic in a thread..

So if a thread gets locked after 7 days, and say it branched off into another topic, and say that topic didn't get resolved or discussed hardly at all, I think Mark would be ok with someone taking that branched off topic and giving it it's own thread for discussion. Just not the original one.

Topic is a more confusing term, because every single post is part of a topic, just as every single post (other than maybe a stand alone one), is part of a thread. And I agree, thread is more universal, and has been used everywhere.

The only way to bring the Topic/Thread into more alignment would be to change the side command from New Topic to New Post.


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