locked Re: How does one follow a topic or hashtag?

Nightowl >8#

Duane wrote:>>Like Brenda, I prefer to use the web site and go to each group to see the archives.  I think she may be confused about the reference to the Inbox though.  Mark was referring to "the 'Inbox' view on the Groups.io website" which you see at https://groups.io/ once you're signed in.  I've started using it to see where there's been any activity, but still go to each group to read the posts.<<

I am definitely confused about the inbox. I don't even want to use it. I set bookmarks for my groups, and I want to be able to go right to the group itself and be at the archives. Problem is, when I sign in, I am taken right to the Inbox where I don't want to be. So then I have to choose one to get back to the group.

Is it possible to sign in on any group archive page and stay on that page, or will I always be thrown out of the group to the Inbox? Or, is it possible to have a "sign in" page where I can sign in and then choose a group so I'm not thrown out of it right after signing in?



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