locked Re: Digest feature

Judy F.

Shal, I am set to Digest mail delivery.  I use Outlook as my email program.  When a groups.io digest arrives in my inbox and I double-click it, there is a list at the top called Topics and it lists all of the messages and numbered to the left 1, 2, 3,etc.  It shows the subject of that message and like you said each topic has a number in ( ) that shows how many messages are within that topic.  If I hover my mouse over any of those topics, i.e. 1, 2, 3 a box will pop up and show a message #.   I found one with my subject Digest and I clicked on it. There was a message from me, one from J and another from you (as you see I'm replying to it and I also replied to J.  

Maybe my settings are are wrong or different from yours Shal and that's causing the confusion.  I was receiving individual messages and on some days I was receiving up to 50 per day only to pick out two or three from the two of you (Shal and Mark) so I changed to digest.  I guess I'm now wondering if everyone's setup is so different, how is a problem ever resolved if the problem solver can't see what I am seeing. 

I think I replied back about your expander idea and said if that would give me what I am asking or, then great. Believe me, I'm not trying to be difficult, just don't know how else to explain what I am hoping for using a Digest. 

Thanks so much,

Judy F.
SW Florida  - USA 

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