locked Re: Digest feature

Judy F.

OK, let's see if I can explain this a little different.  I am mainly interested in the messages that you (Shal) and Mark either send or reply to.  Right now, I have to go through each one and open it to see who is sending it.  I don't care about those within that thread or whatever it is called, just interested in the top level like your in this digest.  If after read the message or reply from either one of you, I want to read the messages from those that started it, I can then go and read them. 

Right now, when I hover over a subject in the digest (index) a small box pops up with the message #.  Is there any way that when you hover over the subject, the User ID will appear similar to the little message number box?

The reason I usually reply through the group is I was having a lot of problems in Yahoo Groups sending from my email program so I just got in the habit of clicking the reply to Web so I've been doing that here in .io  If you don't feel that is necessary, then I can use my email program, which is far easier anyway.

Thanks so much Shal for your patience on this.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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