locked Re: New Subscription Options



Based on your subscription, you either have muted threads & hashtags,
or followed threads & hashtags. You're either excluding or including
things to be delivered to you.
I had imagined one might do both. For example, follow a given hashtag but mute some of the threads that have it. More generally, I had presumed that thread following/muting had priority over hashtags.

Inbox will be what you would get sent to you in email if your Email
Delivery setting was set to Individual Messages (regardless of what
your Email Delivery setting actually is).
And as if your Message Selection were set to "All Messages" (the union of all your groups' Archives)?

If the Inbox is selected by the "Following Only" control it would seem to (needlessly) mirror the Followed tabs. The web-only user still wants (I think) a place with all threads from which to select the ones of future interest.

Does that make sense? If it does, then I think the current newsubpage
makes sense? Too complicated?
I think the concept of distinct exclude and include modes of operation is an unnecessary conceptual complication. And I still think that "Auto Follow Replies" usefully applies also to web-only readers (and hence doesn't belong in a Message Selection option, which I claim ought to be only for email).

So... does that make sense to you?

Or am I the one who's proposing something that will prove too complicated in actual use?

-- Shal

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