locked Re: Digest feature

Judy F.

Thanks Shal, when you talk about expander I'm assuming that mean when the line is clicked, it will show who sent the 'threads'?  I guess to me a thread is a message to the original message.  Although I know a lot of messages I see don't pertain to the subject shown.  I just think that the User ID should show no matter how it is set up. Maybe I am missing something since I have read messages, but not actually gone to the site to try things until now. 

I want to be able to pick out your messages and Marks.  Then if I decide to read some of the others pertaining to that subject, I can do that. 

Hopefully this makes sense. 

Also, what am I doing wrong that causes the extra blank line when I click enter? I'm referring to the extra space between each of these lines. 

Thank you,

Judy F.

SW Florida - USA

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