locked Re: Hidden e-mail truncation in ellipses when clicked



So yes, if Mark can eliminate the use of even the figleafed e-mail in
the quoted part, even when hiddedn by ellipses, and only use the display
or screen name, that would solve a lot of the problem.
Eliminating email addresses altogether from the site's pages, including in message bodies and quotes, is something that was discussed at length as "Anonymous" groups - but that topic goes much further and also eliminates them from emails sent to members.

Currently the site "fig-leafes" (hides the domain part of) email addresses in message bodies (including quotes) when pages are seen by non-moderators. This is the same as what what Y!Groups do.

There is a proposal to make the "fig-leaf" optional on a group basis; implementing that option would show the entire email address to members (but not non-members, in groups with public archives).

So far as I'm aware there isn't a proposal to go the other way, and remove entire email addresses from message bodies as shown on site, without going all the way to "Anonymous".


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