locked Re: Ability to Bookmark Posts within the Interface



AH, I get it. You mean instead of writing down a number on a notepad, I
could "mark" the post somehow and it would appear in a list of posts I
want to reply to or read better later.

That would not be a bad idea, I would probably still use my system of
numbers, but it sounds like it would be really convenient for mobile
users especially, and anyone else who doesn't want to use message
numbers to reply to later.
An advantage to having a "Star" (or "bookmark") system within the site are the features Maria mentioned in starting the thread:

"I'd love the ability to sort the bookmarks by author, date, or hashtag
or even to be able to categorize these posts in a way that feels useful
to me.

Also to be able to search from within the bookmarks for specific terms."

Those things are more tedious to do with paper notes, or even with browser-based bookmarks. But yes, you can always use paper notes too.


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