locked Re: Chat: tied to an event, a message thread, or its own section? #suggestion



It's hard to make documentation when things are in flux, but when the
dust settles, I am happy to share with Mark anything that we may write
up internally for our group in the event that those FAQ's should be
helpful. Maybe if other groups also write instructions and materials
they can share.
One and all are invited to take from, be inspired by, or even (especially) contribute to GMF's Wiki - I'm trying to encourage two types of info there: Advice moderators can give to their members, and Advice for moderators by other moderators.

So far it is pretty basic, so there's plenty of room for anyone who feels inspired to contribute.

What would be great is a collection of screen videos so that things can
be shown/explained visually and by voice - maybe those can be linked to
the written help pages.
That would be nice. It is a bit outside of my ken: I do screen shots but I've not learned to do screen videos. I might have to hire one of those robot voices to narrate.

I've discovered that I can place a screen shot in my group's photos section and use the code view feature to place it on a Wiki page, but GMF's wiki is public and the photos cannot be, so perhaps I'd have to use Flickr or a site like that to host any images on wiki pages - at least until a photo tool appears there. Same thing, I suspect, for video clips: they'd have to be hosted externally to Groups.io but maybe could be referenced from a Wiki page.


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