locked Re: weird, disproportionate sizes of magnifying glass vs. msg# box #suggestion


Even if the idea is to open up advanced search options later, I think the box should allow entering of a search term immediately. It is much more important that a search term can be entered fast than a message number. The priorities are reversed. For advanced search, let that be an option. Don't make EVERYONE doing ANY search have to do two clicks just because some subset of people will want the advanced search. That's like making everyone troop into the - I don't know, searching for an analogy here - the restroom stalls if some people only want to wash their hands. :-)

I think the geography/real estate issue should be fixed regardless. Make the box bigger, don't squish it (provide a little space around it), and minimize, at least by comparison, the (rarely used) msg# box. I have no problem with the msg# box being on the first page so that everyone can sleep well. But I do have a problem if it's on the first page allowing immediate entry and search is not.

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