locked Re: Message Number Box is gone! ACK!

Nightowl >8#

Brian wrote:>>Merging does not imply movement of any sort, but simply makes the message number an integral part of the permalink that's already there, and, thus, sets it off in the blue link color rather than black.<<

Then I'm afraid that it won't show up anymore in the Messages list, Brian, because the permalinks are not seen in the messages list. They are only seen on individual messages. I do not scroll through expanded messages, I scroll through single message chronological list view.

They can be anywhere else when on the single message view, what you suggested it fine, but always be viewable on the list somewhere in the preview location below in single message list view:
Re: Message Number Box is gone! ACK! #newdesktop
Brenda, Would you please actually consider what you're responding to before hitting send, or at least ask for clarification? Merging does not imply movement of any
By Brian Vogel · #10171 · 5:30 pm
Having the message number between the sender and the date/time works. I'm concerned that the message # will be removed from list view, that is what I'm worried about, since there are no permalinks shown in list view.

What Mark has done with where he put it in the preview is working fine, and I'm trying hard to calm down, and trust it.


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