locked Re: Message Number Box is gone! ACK!


On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 10:54 am, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Do other people use the Msg # text field on a regular basis? I'm just wondering if there's another way we can solve this besides having that text field on the page.

I have no feelings either way where it is on desktop as there is plenty of space there. It looks fine where you put it. In the search box, out of the search box. It's all good.

On mobile, having the message # search box out (and a larger font) than the "messages view" hashtags" and magnifying glass icon, is an eyesore. If it were all on one line... but like that on it's own line, it's making my head tilt to the left. If it were smaller would it fit to the right of the search icon? On iphone 5's? I'm the kind of person who can't stand seeing a picture not level on a wall, or the horizon line in a photo not perfectly straight, so this is giving me that same queasiness. I'll live ;) but it's not ideal at all design wise which is a shame given the incredible attention to detail elsewhere. It almost dominates the top of the page now.

As to whether I personally use the message # box on a regular basis: No, I hardly ever use it unless someone says " look at message #.." which isn't something that happens in our Y! group ever ( people there just paste the link to the message). I think here on @beta is the first time I've started referring to messages by #, but only because the links to them don't look straightforward on groups.io when copy/pasted (again this is me reacting to visuals - i'd prefer something like groups.io/beta/message/# - but you get all the extra stuff), and because on mobile the insert link tool is tricky and on desktop I am often too rushed.

That said, message #'s are a very useful tool for our archivist who will create lists of message #'s for specific topics and can then search for them.  By no means am I against message #'s- especially when there is a messages view (very useful). They are very useful ways of referring to a message.

But no, I personally hardly ever search by message # and when i do, i know the specific # i am looking for and i was fine with them in the search box. 

But i totally get that it's upsetting to someone else who uses them in a different manner.

I just wish there were another way to solve this design wise as far as mobile is concerned.


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