locked Re: Message Number Box is gone! ACK!

Nightowl >8#

HR Tech wrote:>>There may be another benefit to taking the search by message # out of the search box and that's the problem with when you move your cursor from the search field to click the "search only within this thread" option and then you have to put the cursor back to enable the return/go.  As mentioned in message #9958.<<

Anything to get my message # box back where it was will help me.

Maria wrote:>> I see Y! has it as a stand alone search box. If you are searching by # it's because you actually know the message number - so while it's a search, it's kinda not the same type of search as it's more of a way to avoid clicking the page arrows to get back to a specific place. It's more of a direction/command than a search.<<

Yes, it's a direction command that I use to get several pages back or forward, especially when searching for something I do NOT know the number of. And it was so easy to scroll and change the number and scroll and change the number. Now I can't. :(

Catlady wrote:>>I checked this out and at first I thought, oh yeah, this is a big problem. But then it dawned on me: so what if the msg# box covers up part of the screen, or if you can't scroll through the message list to find the message# you want while the box is up?
The box seems to be specifically geared to the situation where you *remember* a specific message# and want to jump to it. If you can see on the screen the message and message# you're interested in, you don't need to use the msg# box because you can just click on the message. Right?<<

No. It's not because I actually always know the number. Often it's because I'm guessing at the number, and what I tended to do was scroll up and down and find a message that may or may not have been part of a thread I want to find and then guess how many numbers to go back or forward. Also, one of my problems is remembering numbers. I can remember words but not numbers.

I can't tell you how many times I started to put a number in the message# box only to have to scroll back down and double check it two or three times. So now I'd have to also write down numbers I'm searching on or numbers of posts I don't really want to keep it straight and work backwards...

I just want it back, I don't think that's all that much to ask. It was the single most important thing I used on here. That should count for something. I was so upset last night that I was crying and couldn't get to sleep.

Just hoping and praying that it will come back.

At least today anyway, I'm back in non-test mode and it's here for the time being...WHEW. I thought it was already pushed live to the site.


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