locked Re: Problem with Search Function

Nightowl >8#

HR Tech wrote:>>This thread may be dated, but I don't think (hope) message numbers are going anywhere. There is a field to search for them in the new search box (#newtest version/ #newmobile). They are very useful. Our archivist uses them often for reference purposes.<<

I'm glad to hear that. I don't use mobile, but I was concerned when it was discussed about merging them into the search box on regular computers, because my resolution doesn't show my search box, only my message number box, so I would have to click into it every time to use it, which would be very very annoying.

I want them to stay as a message # box, and not merge with the search, and having the message #box was my number one request when we first started, so I'm holding to that.

Maria wrote:>>Separately, I couldn't help but notice one of ways you described using them. I'm curious what you would think of the idea presented in message #10017 as it's one of the scenarios I described.<<

I'm not quite up to message #10017 yet, but since I'm checking in on more recent messages to to see if I needed to handle anything about the things I replied to last night, I'll check it out in a few minutes. :)


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