locked Re: Email address hide-n-seek

Nightowl >8#

J_catlady wrote:>>But again. It's top posted and the email address in that situation is hidden within ellipses.<<

Ellipses would not stop one of the particular troublemakers, believe me. That person is very very computer savvy, and has caused a great deal of grief in other groups of mine as well as groups I've been in. So I'm still glad that Mark is hiding the e-mail addresses, and would hope they are hid within the ellipses quotes as well.

I have had to track IP addresses in the past to catch this person when they get into groups I'm in and cause problems, and I have a list of screen names and IP addresses two pages long. So I'm always watching out for any group I'm in to prevent problems.

I'm relieved that the fig-leafed e-mail address is being replaced with the display name.


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