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There's also the visibility issue. On some forums blocking a member makes your profile  invisible to them without making their profile invisible to you. On other forums it does both, which makes things really complicated in some situations.

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I think the suggestion to add a "report" was included with the recent discussion of reply options and the more menu.

The suggestion to mute a user is already on the trello list. See message #7249.

I've been on forums where you can mute users and see the advantage.

I would prefer however, if when this is considered further, if it were an option for a group admin to opt in/out of. I'd opt out for our groups.

I have seen confusion arise from this feature in web forums. When someone has put someone else on mute, yet participates in a thread where that person does too, and then the replies start not making sense and it becomes obvious to everyone who has put who on mute - and instead of being a helpful tool, it ends up being used as a weapon of sorts.

So, great for some forums/groups - not great for others.



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